Free Online Video Converter


Is the conversion service free or a fee is required?

Yes, our service is absolutely free of charge.

What is is the time of video conversion?

Video conversion time depends on the size of the video. The standard conversion will take you about 1-2 minutes..

What does it mean if I got a pop-up message saying that my conversion is failed?

The failure of the conversion may happen under different conditions. For the example, our hosting website stopped forwarding us the data and you conversion got failed. In this case, we recommend you to refresh your browser and try to start the conversion again. If you get an error message 'HTTP Error 403: Forbidden' that means that at the moment the video is not available for our dedicated server due to video copyrights.

Why does it take so much time for conversion on the site?

Sometimes it may take longer time for video conversion. It depends if your conversion is at the time of our high site activity. In this case we recommend you to try the conversion at the time when the site activity is lower.

Where can find my downloaded files?

Downloading of the files from our servers to your computer and their downloading destination does not depend on us. Each user should select the download location set according to your browser preferences. There are two easy variants: set downloading to your desktop or download directly to your home folder.

I got an error message: “Wrong URL”. What does it mean?

The message indicates the following:

Is this website legal?

We perform absolutely legal services. Please get acquainted with our terms.

How can I get support?

By email.

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